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LockeLand Home Plan Base Price List

Plan Code (Square Footage)   Base Price
1255187,500View Plan
1321189,500View Plan
1426192,500View Plan
1462196,500View Plan
1509198,500View Plan
1549 2 story196,500View Plan
1642 2 story199,500View Plan
1696208,000View Plan
1824 bonus214,000View Plan
1864217,000View Plan
1917 3 bed w/office221,000View Plan
1917 4 bed221,000View Plan
1968 w/bonus226,500View Plan
2200 1.5 story232,000View Plan
All homes come standard with granite countertops in kitchen.
Not all homes fit on all lots, refer to listing agent for details.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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